Monthly Archive: February 2015

Our new playground is open!

The children are delighted that all areas of the new playground are now open, including the tangle climber, sensory garden and early year’s mud and water play area. A year 3 pupil said that she thought it was “the best playground in the whole wide world”. You are also welcome to pop round to the …

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ICT evening

Thursday was Henry Fawcett’s ICT evening, and lots of families came with their children to see the wonderful, innovative things that all the classes are doing with the new ICT equipment, which includes ipads, laptops, a green screen and robot! One parent was “amazed” by Year 5’s project – an information video about the Tudors …

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Year 3 cooking class

‘Yesterday we made Egyptian food! we included honey, raisins, butter, sugar, cinnamon and filo pastry. We all took turns at each step of making the baklava. We evaluated the instructions we were using as we made the recipe. In the instructions there were imperative verbs, different numbered steps as time connectives to make the instructions …

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A visit to the British Museum

On Wednesday the whole of Year 3 visited the British Museum. Alarba and Henriane have written a few words about it. “We visited the British Museum. We saw canopic jars, necklaces, mummies and even a bull, crocodile and cat mummy. We also saw lots of hieroglyphics! It was an amazing day.”