Monthly Archive: May 2018

Year 4 Residential Trip

Children from Year 4 had a fantastic time at Croft Farm in Gloucestershire trying brand new activities like kayaking and sailing, archery, building rafts and making campfires. They finished their trip in style with a fantastic disco!

Year 5 National Archives trip

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to the National Archives in Kew, where all the country’s important historical documents are stored. The archives were set up after a rat chewed its way into a chest full of documents and ate them all! The children saw many important documents including a Tudor map of London which was over 500 …

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Year 6 KIDZANIA trip

“Kidzania is a huge city just for kids to inspire them to experience jobs they want to do when they get older. I was bursting with excitement. I just couldn’t wait to see it. When we got there the staff gave us 50 Kidzo’s (Kidzo’s is the currency) so we could pay for job activities …

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Food tasting and bread making

This week some of our children had a cookery and food tasting session with Alliance and Partnership our school meals provider. They spent the afternoon with trained chefs preparing and tasting food. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about our school kitchen and where their food comes from. It was also a …

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Year 2 Tower of London trip

This week both Year 2 classes visited the Tower of London as part of their ‘Castles’ topic. They learned all about the history of the Tower and enjoyed a workshop with ‘Toby the Servant’ who told them all about the different roles in the king’s palace. They climbed all 204 steps to the top of …

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Year 3 Photography Project

All this term Year 3 have been involved in an exciting numeracy through photography project run by Fotosynthesis. This week the children made their own pin hole cameras, took pictures and developed and printed the photos. The children have used this project to develop their maths skills by measuring time, distance and liquids.