We love reading!

We love to read at Henry Fawcett and want to inspire children to read as much at home as we do at school.

Not only do we encourage children to delve into the enchanting book corner in each of our classrooms, our brand new library is open for children to use during playtimes and we have invested in beautiful new books for every classroom.

Reading is a wonderful way to learn about the world and experience new and exciting things. Reading also helps to improve concentration which will help in all areas of their learning.

Every child is expected to read at home every day for 20 minutes as part of their homework. It is important for every child, even confident readers to read to an adult at home every day.

Remember that a bedtime story is not only a calming end to the day which settles your child, it also comes with many other benefits to your child’s development too.

High 5 to Reading 

  1. Reading maintains a strong bond between parent and child.
  2. Children learn new words and meanings.
  3. Children are more likely to experiment with word play and sentence structure in their own writing.
  4. It captures a child’s imagination and ignites their passion to write.
  5. Reading with others at an earlier age teaches children important communication skills and they become better at expressing themselves.