Year 4 Residential Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Downes Activity Centre in Surrey last week.

They worked together to make dens and meals for the group; they tried climbing, zip wires and pedal go-carts.

The children challenged themselves and encouraged each other and had fantastic adventure they will never forget.


See what the children had to say:

‘My residential trip was fantastic. My challenge was the Leap of Faith—it was really high but I was determined because all my friends were cheering for me. I was really happy when I did it. My favourite was the Backwoods Cooking when we worked together in groups to make amazing food.’
Sharday Year 4 Dali

I had a phenomenal time with my friends on the residential trip. I want to go back! I enjoyed abseiling the most it was fun climbing down walls. My challenge was the Leap of Faith , I was frightened but when I did it I was really proud of my achievement.’
Sanitago Year 4 Dali

‘I enjoyed abseiling, we had to walk down backwards on the building and jump to get down. I would rate it 10 out of 10! My worst fear was the Leap of Faith but Marie and my friends helped me.’
Alexis Year 4 Dali

‘I overcame my fear of heights when I did the Leap of Faith and my favourite activity was Crate Stacking because I learned that we had to work together to complete the task. ‘
Nyron Year 4 Dali